August update: This was a success! We raised 157.05 for Special Olympics of NH with the below guides. Here's where it all broke down (future updates below the post!):
A lot of these were doubled or quadrupled by channel points, so thanks for helping us!
Two donations... cuz I forgot the initials on first calculation cmonBruh. We did it pinball twitch!
The original blog post is below:

So, as I mentioned in the prior post, I've been streaming pinball on Twitch for the last month or two. In that time, I've met and become a part of a wonderful community of pinball fans who just love playing and talking about the game, and sharing their time and excitement on stream. Given all the horrible stuff going on in the world at the moment, it's really been great to both stream and watch other folks stream, and even "meet" some folks within an hours drive I hadn't met before! The internet is occasionally good for something, I guess.

Since becoming a Twitch affiliate, I'd been thinking of something good to try to do with the dollars of dollars (I'm not retiring, paying my mortgage, or even paying for dinner, but it's "found cash") that comes with. I've decided for the month of July, we're going to track a few events on the streams we do, and donate for each of them.

  • .25 for every "knock" (Free game, special, or match. I keep the games set pretty easy from when people used to come over, so that should be pretty doable).
  • .50 for every good game/"par" – roughly defined as about 1.5 times the replay score.
  • $1 for every time initials go in. Might be often, don't know.
  • A few hours after each stream, we get a count of unique people that viewed the stream. We'll try a nickel for each unique viewer (we usually have anywhere from 30-90) after each stream.
  • If anyone subs, we'll throw a buck in on each sub, too.

The idea will be to track it over the month and send it to charity at the end of the month. For July, that'll be the Special Olympics of New Hampshire. I'm not sure if we're gonna end up with hardly anything or something nice for them, but we'll re-evaluate in August.

I've also put "accelerators" in the channel points, so help us do something cool by redeeming those in chat!

Anyways, thanks as always for watching! We currently stream Mondays and Fridays, 7:30-ish Eastern time. If you're reading this and are an Amazon Prime subscriber, link your Amazon Prime account to twitch and you get a free subscription – which you can use to help us donate. Instructions on doing so are here.

September update: $142 for the Manchester Animal Shelter!